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Old 09-09-2008, 04:47 PM
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Default 117.2 vs 116.0

Tom Brady's 2007 qb rating (117.2) <--- best season ever by an NFL qb.

Matt Cassell's week #1 QB rating (116)

Tom Brady's week #1 QB rating (83.9)

Obviously Brady's 578 pass attempts in '07 was slightly more than Cassell's 18 pass attempts in week #1. But he's managed to about keep that otherworldly pace so far.

I saw Cassell in the preseason - and I thought he was awful.. but that won't matter because guys will be open - huge mismatches will be there to exploit - and when that isn't the case...just fling a deep ball up to Moss and you are just as likely to get a huge play or defensive pass interference as you are an incompletion. Interceptions are VERY rare because the DB's are fixated on getting the best position they can and not playing the ball. Most refs don't call push offs either if Db's don't make an effort for playing the ball.

Basically - the Pats are far from done. Cassell hasn't started since high school and he might need a few weeks to get it together - but that offense will still be one of the three best in the NFL.

The biggest difference between Brady and Cassell in a Moss offense is that Brady is trusted and Cassell isn't.

With Brady, you'll see 18 straight passes called. With Cassell, it was all about managing the game and running the ball a lot. You won't score as many points - but it's a lot easier on the defense.

If Cassell doesn't work at qb - let Moss get under center and run the option.
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