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Old 06-19-2006, 10:02 AM
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Default Everybody look out! Here comes PHil's head!

Phil blowing the US Open is Hands down, No question the biggest choke. I don't really even know if choke is the word.TINCUP JOB. WTF are you doing trying some of the BS he did on 18. First of all hitting driver off the tee when you havn't hit an F-in fairway all day long. Then trying some off the wall BS with that attempt at a cut shot, banks it off the tree. Then, trys to lift his shot 3 over the trees and plunks it w/ a fried egg lie in the bunker. NO SHOT TO GET THE BALL CLOSE out of there. How many copies of TINCUP will he get in the mail? PD is a horse, he ran a good race, just didn't get it done. Yanks are a great team, games like that happen over 162 game season. BUT FOR A MAN WHO HAS WON THE LAST 2 MAJORS WITH A 1 SHOT LEAD ON 18 TO BLOW IT ON HIS OWN EGO AND STUPIDITY, IS EASILY THE CHOICE. I mean seriously, dude, hit friggin 2 iron off the tee, hit some long iron somewhere on the green, 2-putt and take your F-in trophy!!!! PHIL MICKELSON'S BIG HEAD got in the way of smart golf and cost him 3 in a row. I hope this haunt's him till the day he dies.
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