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Old 09-07-2022, 07:39 AM
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Default Kid Chocolate retired..

KID CHOCOLATE has been retired after a non-effort Tuesday that confirmed his lack of interest in racing further.

He is 100% sound and had been training well for the 2nd try over the synthetic, but he again gave signals that his competitiveness had waned. Jerry Brooks has a home lined up already. He is an easy gelding to place given his looks and condition.

THX to Gary and his staff (and Brooks these last 3 weeks) for a good career for KID who ends his career having gone 36/2-1-3 for $80,018 over 5 seasons. He dealt with a difficult ridgling issue and then a breathing problem, so with the 2 wins and other good effoerts, he really was productive overall.

Thanks to everyone who was part of his long career (2018-22). Will let everyone know where he lands in his next job.
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