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BEL Bold Ruler H (G3): Maximum Security 106 (New Year's Day) J. Servis/L. Saez
BEL English Channel S: Seismic Wave 92 (Tapit) W. Mott/J. Ortiz
BEL Awad S: Buy Land and See 75 (Cairo Prince) S. Klesaris/I. Ortiz

SA Autumn Miss S (G3): Keeper Ofthe Stars 87 Midnight Lute J. Wong A. Cedillo
SA Comma to the Top S: Midcourt Midnight Lute J. Shirreffs V. Espinoza

KEE Hagyard Fayette S (G2): Tom's d'Etat 105 (Smart Strike) A. Stall/J. Rosario

CD Street Sense S: South Bend 80 Algorithms S. Hough J. Leparoux
CD Rags to Riches S: Finite 81 Munnings S. Asmussen R. Santana

WO Grey S (G3): Chapalu 77 Flatter A. Delacour P. Husbands
WO Princess Elizabeth S: Cool Shadows - (Munnings) S. Simon/J. Lermyte
WO Overskate S: Dixie's Gamble - (Gamble's Exchange) J. Carroll/L. Contreras

MVR Best of Ohio Sprint S: Altissimo 96 (Noble Causeway) R. Zielinski/C. Pilares
MVR Best of Ohio Distaff S: Leona's Reward 82 (Parents' Reward) T. Hamm/G. Corrales
MVR Juvenile S: Liberate 82 (Gemologist) T. Hamm/G. Corrales
MVR Best of Ohio Endurance S: Forewarned 93 (Flat Out) U. St. Lewis/A. Salgado
MVR John W. Galbreath S: Moonlit Mission 67 (Shackleford) C. Williams/R. Mejias

CTD Canadian Juvenile S: Rail Hugger 54 Girolamo E. Bourne P. Badrie
CTD Freedom of the City S: Sangria 63 (Sungold) B. Heads/R. Walcott

GG Pike Place Dancer S: Wise Rachel 68 (English Channel) Q. Howey/A. Gomez

ZIA Rocky Gulch Championship S: Hustle Up 81 Abstraction T. Fincher R. Chirinos
ZIA Peppers Pride Classic Championship S: Hennessy Express 67 Roll Hennessy Roll T. Fincher R. Chirinos
ZIA Sprint Championship S: Perty Dirty Dude 72 Elusive Jazz D. Cappellucci F. Arrieta
ZIA Juvenile Championship S: Attilianno 63 Attila's Storm J. Padgett II F. Amparan
ZIA Lassie Championship S: Count Them Again 58 Premeditation J. Fuentes F. Arrieta
ZIA Derby Championship S: Slewacide Squad 77 Slew's Pot of Gold L. Gutierrez A. Medellin
ZIA Distaff Sprint Championship S: Waltzing Attila 66 Attila's Storm N. Summers R. Chirinos
ZIA Oaks Championship S: DH-Flight Song 69 Attila's Storm R. Draper A. Juarez
ZIA Oaks Championship S: DH-Sofia's Gift 69 Attila's Storm T. Fincher L. Fuentes
All ambitions are lawful except those which climb upward on the miseries or credulities of mankind. -- Joseph Conrad

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