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Originally Posted by RolloTomasi View Post
You have to be both a true Maryland-bred AND be nominated specifically to the Maryland Millions. In the event of a field less than 8, the track allows registered Marlyand-breds (that are presumably not nominated to the MD Millions) to be on the AE list. Or something like that...

From the condition book:

ONLY horses by the stallions listed, who were conceived in Maryland and fully nominated/certified to the Maryland Million program, are eligible to run in Maryland Million races with the following exception:
A race with less than eight (8) Maryland Million-eligible entries will open up to registered Maryland-Breds, for the sole purpose of maintaining a field size of eight (8). The registered Maryland-Breds will draw in off the also-eligible list based on the following preferences: 1. Total earnings based on race specific surface (Turf/Dirt) since October 25, 2020; 2. Total earnings since October 25, 2020.
Seems like an effective way to make the race a way worse betting affair.

In other words…business as usual in horse racing
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