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Originally Posted by jms62 View Post
See that is what everyone is doing and leads you to a lot of chalky payouts and exits in situations that you want to be alive (Heavy Favorite Beat). Skinny for may be 2 deep in another leg where I really like a horse (usually not favorite). Or in the case of the Derby I may choose to make my Stand in the Derby and single there. Look at Pick 5 last year into Derby Favorite $620,827.65... You don't get a shot at a number like that when your single is an overwhelming odds on favorite... Now of course I will have a backup ticket where I might single that Odds on favorite along with my other "skinny" and get deeper in a race like the derby but that ticket will be much cheaper and basically it is a get out...
Thatís what Iím talking about. Iím not a horizontal guy in general, but this is good sh!t.
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