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so it seems that upon arrival in Kentucky to breed , California Chrome was
x-rayed thoroughly, as most thoroughbreds are.

They found No issues, sound as a loud noise.

Could it be that the Horse in the #1 stall, Arrogate, got such a good start running into the first turn, striding wickedly fast, that the post position for Chrome was too much to overcome. I mean you really can't give Arrogate a head start by a few lengths with his speed, and expect to catch up to him.

I saw a 6 year old horse, who saw he couldn't catch up to the speed of Arrogate out of the gate, and he just gave up, like a horse who has grown tired of the game.

Nothing more than that..
he was behind from the post draw, and never caught up, and gave up at a mile after wicked fractions. He was seasoned enough to know, he couldn't catch Arrogate.

when you are in the 20th post at CD, you have a long stretch run to run the hypotenuse vector into the first turn, and loose little ground; at GP however, your hypotenuse vector is very short, and in most cases an insurmountable obstacle leaving you to run vertically instead of horizontally to approach the first turn. I wonder what the trackus distances would have been for the 2 ?
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