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Originally Posted by RHT2004 View Post
Really? A once in a lifetime talent just cruised geared down. That wasn't exciting? This horse is 1 or 2 more of these races away from best ever IMO. He is different. No other horse is even close to him right now and I believe he is still improving. He is a lightly raced 4yr old. The best is yet to come.
I was referring to the race itself. It wasn't exciting. there was no battle down the stretch, didn't have to be chrome, any other horse would have been fine.

Im not putting him with the "greats" yet. C.C raced 27 times and won 16 of them. Arrogate raced 7 times. Yes arrogate beat him but C.C. was like Ali at the end of his career. It's way too early and he will probably be retired next year.
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