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Originally Posted by Dunbar View Post
I have to admit I'm curious whether you're really capable of letting me have the last word. I guess we'll see.

I wasted a lot of time on this thread and I regret it. But at least it's made a couple of things clear to me. First, you don't have the foggiest notion of what expected value is or what "having an edge" really means. More surprisingly, you don't seem to understand the fact that in parimutual pools, if you convince everyone to bet like you do, your payoffs suffer.

You can relax. I won't make the mistake of engaging with you again.
Youíre probably right. Iím sure if you just proved that youíve been able to make money in future pools consistently that hundreds, if not thousands would rush to this board to see the brilliance of betting ďall other 3 year oldsĒ at 2-1 four months before the race. Youíre not that important.

Again, we agree to disagree. Itís not a big deal. For some reason, you seem personally offended because I think these bets are bad bets. Iím not sure why you are so offended, but itís pretty funny.

Another thing I find hilarious is you seem incapable of just dropping it. Almost like Iíve really gotten under your skin and as hard as you are trying to stay calm, youíre clearly mad.

Mission accomplished! GFY Dunbar and shove your blackjack CD up your tight ass, k?
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