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RHT yet again gettin' beat up from the feet up, but how many horses on earth could run a 115 beyer and still be getting lumped into the "failed to fire" category? None? ... We can all agree on him tossing a clunker in the SD Hcp, obv, but is it too far out of the realm of possibility that the horse's time on the shelf did him ZERO good? He looked beyond short first off the bench, and yesterday he fell just short of wrangling in an improving horse that looked comfortable while setting fractions that wouldn't be deemed 'skull busting' in a G1.

Is Arrogate the all-time great most were declaring him to be after his come from behind in Dubai? Probably not. I think his win in Dubai, seeing that it wasn't in his usual up-front style, catapulted his status in the eyes of a lot of racing talking heads (ESP in an era where people are just frothing at the mouth to declare horses as all-time greats).

I said it in a previous post about Arrogate after his last loss. I highly doubt he catches California Chrome in the Classic had it not been for Smith going to the right hand stick mid stretch. Smith didn't employ the right hand stick yesterday until Collected had the race won already (Smith DID smack him right handed on the turn for home but then went lefty to keep him from drifting into Accelerate). I truly believe that has at LEAST something to do with his half length loss last night.
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