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Originally Posted by RHT2004 View Post
Why are you saying thank you to Ateam? Everything he said is correct but you didn't say any of that. You said Arrogate was a mortal lock. You scoffed at the idea that Collected would get the 1 1/4. You said it was silly when I said that Baffert wouldn't have entered Collected if he knew Arrogate was 100%. You were wrong but you will never admit it. People who post imaginary bets, dump $2000 on a Friday and continue to just up their bet amounts till one eventually hits just don't admit they are wrong. Dahoss had you pegged years ago and he was right. Keep posting imaginary bets, bet at the OTB in your backyard, bet $100 WPS when there is no show pool. We get it, this is the only way you can get attention. So in spite of having a decent opinion most people on here that have followed your wagers will continue to think you are a clown.
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