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Originally Posted by golfer View Post
Yesterday was a Mandatory payout for whatever reason (I don't know the rules involving that). When the pool is large enough, buying the tri is the way to go. I don't think it costs more than $400, and as long as the tri pays close to that, you are guaranteed to break even, with a chance at the entire pool. If no one has the Super, everyone who had a turn-in gets a conso.

If no one had the super yesterday, and that was the conso payout, then I guess I'm a day late with this info

I think you can play the bet at any OTB that simulcasts dog racing. I know we can bet it here in Jax. But I don't think ADW's take the bet (though I'm not sure).
The carryover was 27,594 going in - no idea how much was bet into it yesterday, nor what the takeout on that money was.

That makes since - 8 dog field - if my math is right, for a buck ALL/ALL/ALL (8X7X6 = 336.00) and you get your superfecta lotto ticket (plus you would have been cash positive on the bet to boot).
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