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Originally Posted by Heels1989 View Post
Thanks for the heads up dan

Upon moving to NC , My adw locked me out faster than you can say outside pieces
I just found out about it yesterday - I didn't even go. Looks like 4-5 tri tickets split the pot, but can't find any details. Tri paid 337.00 and it looks like the 4-5 winners split the super pot which paid 13,797 each.

I believe you have to be on track to place the bet. If you hit the tri in the 5th race, you put in a cold superfecta bet for each winning tri ticket in the 7th race

Hit the super, you get the pot, if not it rolls over until it has to be mandatorily be paid out. Then if no one cold decks it, the pot get divided among the winning tri ticket holders.

Oh, and that is why I've refused to move to NC.
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