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Originally Posted by freddymo View Post
I was there and bet Weyburn. He looked super in the paddock. The horse on the lead was coming out of sprints and I don't think they wanted to get into a duel with a no chance rat that was going to come back to them. Mandaloun was not tightened up that was his B race anyways the good stuff will be inserted for Haskel
Lugamo was not coming out of sprints (but yes, he's sprinted before).

The pace was slow or at least slower than $7K platers earlier on the card. Weyburn could have conceivably set the pace if he wanted. At the very least, the jock should have prompted the pace (especially since it was slow), rather than strangling his mount.

And not for nothing, the only time Mandaloun had to chase a quick pace (the LA Derby), he folded like a cheap suit.

Weyburn should have gunned, if not from the outset, at least at the 3/8s pole when he assumed command.

Maybe instead of banning the whip, they can ban the jockeys, and just use weighted saddles with slapper things on either side. The trainers can control the slappers remotely from the grandstand. They could run horses at equal "slaps" or handicap horses by giving more "slaps" to the lesser horses.
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